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Video Production

Stand out with a uniquely tailored video of your product or service.

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Either you have a clear idea itching in the back of your head or not, Spunky Monkey Media has got your back. We will carefully plan, execute and edit your video. Closely collaborating, making sure the values that are needed to be projected are fully understood. ___________________________________________ Spunky Monkey Media Project Workflow: - Pre-Production - Where ideas are born. We will attentively assess every obstacle that might occur in the later stages of production and come up with a plan that is not to be taken further until the client has approved it. This way we are clear on mutual understanding and can proceed with the later stage of a video making process - the production. - Production - Time for the hands to get dirty! Following the plan that we come up with in pre-production, Spunky Monkey team will capture the needed thought-through shots in either 4K or Full HD, high frame rate resolution for the needed slow motion effects in a post-production stage. - Post-Production - Where everything comes together. In the last stage of our video production process, your video will be cut together. Music, external sound effects, graphics and animation will be added to create a full, well rounded piece of art. After your approval and necessary changes made, it will be ready for the world to see. The time and budget of a video is dependent on every project and is to be discussed prior to pre-production. ___________________________________________ Still have a question lurking in your mind? Lets start a conversation!

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  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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